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What to consider for Shopping in Georgia in this holiday

All shopping malls in Georgia will be open from January 2. During this period, customers have the opportunity to buy bulk clothing, electronics, jewelry and other items, however, they must adhere to additional restrictions and regulations imposed by the government in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Shopping malls in Georgia are […]

Sheep breeding in Georgia

Animal husbandry and sheep breeding in Georgia is one of the best investment opportunities due to climatic conditions, uniformity of rainfall, vast rangelands, abundant fodder at a reasonable price and excellent climatic conditions and has grown significantly in recent years. Also, easy and cheap access to advanced machinery and necessary tools, cheap labor compared to […]

The Georgian government’s plan to deal with the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus

According to Prime Minister Georgy Gakharia, the Georgian government’s nomination for a no-confidence vote is part of the government’s proposed short-term priorities for achieving positive outlook and ensuring economic growth. as follows: Minimize the negative effects of the Corona virus epidemic Rapid recovery of positive Pre-epidemic trends by assisting affected areas Support purchasing power Improving […]

Purchasing property in Georgia in 2021

According to Kakhaber Samkurashvili, a senior real estate analyst, in 2021, we do not expect much growth in this industry. According to him, the expectations for 2021 depend on the state of economic recovery. If the economy grows rapidly, real estate sales will grow rapidly, and when they do, the real estate transaction will be […]


Tire recycle in Georgia

Tire is special wastes and are chemically different in size and shape from other wastes. Rubbers are made of polymeric materials that do not decompose easily in nature. In many cases, unused tires pile up in the form of a mountain of rubbish, creating ugly scenes and causing fires. On the other hand, burning tires […]


Refining of burnt oil in Georgia

The volume of burnt oil produced in the world is over 24 million tons per year. This high volume of burnt oil significantly increases environmental pollution; Therefore, finding a way to recycle burnt and disposable oil and turn it into a valuable product is very important. On the other hand, the Georgian government due to […]


Cold Storage In Georgia

Georgia has attracted the attention of many foreign investors due to its unique geographical location, favorable climate, cold storage industry, advanced agricultural and tourism industry. Over the past decade, the country has focused on attracting foreign investment, mainly foreign direct investment. In 2003, Georgia’s new government began to shift its economy to privatization and the […]

Caucasus University

Caucasus university is a private university in Tbilisi, established in 2004 on the basis of the faculty of Business. The university is located in an area of 17000 square meters, of which 11000 square meters is the useful space of the university building. Caucasus university is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of […]