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Coronavirus in Georgia and its effect on foreign investment

Coronavirus and government’s roles in its spread: Countries worldwide are currently affected by Coronavirus or Covid-19, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China and consequently spread across the globe. A series of evidence has traced back the origins of the virus to one of the Wuhan’s market, where live animals are slaughtered and sold to […]


Documents required for extending residency in Georgia

Georgia is a modern and fast growing country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, low taxes, low crime rate, and low cost of living. Georgia offers visas, residence permits and tax residency status to investors, property owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers and their family members, with a path to citizenship All foreigners residing […]

How to Start a Business in Georgia

These days many of our dear clients are asking us about how to start a business in Georgia and if it is really easy to run your own business as other said or not? Despite the recent events in different and the rise of the exchange rate, most of the investors from different countries, now […]

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Purchasing a property in Georgia or Turkey, which one is better?

There are many ways to obtain a residence in Georgia or Turkey, and one of Them is buying a property in of these countries.The majority of people who intend to migrate legally from different countries currently choose between Turkey and Georgia, depending on the circumstances in which they purchase property in each of these countries. […]


In recent years there has been a lot of migration from other countries to Turkey or Georgia. One of the reasons for choosing these two countries is the similarity of their culture.Anyone who intends to emigrate to any other country must first research about that country. In this article, we will discuss some of the […]


Bitcoin Boom In Georgia

The BBC has produced a story about the bitcoin boom in Georgia. BBC Journalist Ed Butler has produced a story about cryptocurrency mining in Georgia.He also visited Georgia to visit cryptocurrency-producing plants, and also spoke with Economy Minister Natia Turnava and Green Energy spokesman David Chipashvili. Economy Minister Natia Turnava, in an interview with a […]

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Georgia and the UK sign strategic agreement

Georgia and the UK have signed a strategic agreement, the first to be implemented after Brexit (British departure from the European Union). This is the first agreement in the region between Georgia and the United Kingdom since the EU’s departure from the EU intended to establish free trade between the two countries. The Georgian Foreign […]