Tire is special wastes and are chemically different in size and shape from other wastes. Rubbers are made of polymeric materials that do not decompose easily in nature. In many cases, unused tires pile up in the form of a mountain of rubbish, creating ugly scenes and causing fires. On the other hand, burning tires creates harmful black smoke that pollutes the environment. Also there are many problems for burying it.

The results of research and studies show that today, the recycling of worn tires is not only not harmful to the environment, but also the source of industrial development and economic profitability and the production of other products.

Tire recycle

Car tire recycling is the process by which car tires that are no longer considered worn out or are no longer suitable for use due to breakage and irreparable damage are recycled. These tires are among the biggest waste, which is very problematic. This problem is due to the continuity and durability of rubber and its high production volume. Almost every year, one tire is thrown away for every person in the world. Tires are often recycled for use in sports fields such as basketball and athletics, new products in the shoe industry, and artificial flooring and turf.

Uses of recycled tires

Road construction industries: Covering the road surface instead of asphalt, because due to its acoustic properties, it has a longer life and less cost, and produces less noise, is less cracked and does not melt in the heat, and also has a better performance on it.

construction industry: Foundations and foundations, the use of crushed tires in civil works is of great importance, especially in cases where it is necessary to reduce the weight of structures. Adding recycled rubber to concrete increases its fire resistance and prevents it from breaking.

Rubber and plastics industries: Flexible foams, pool covers, shoe, conveyor belts.

Tire recycle in Georgia

Given the Georgian government’s support for the materials recycling industry, especially tire recycling, this kind of investment now appears to be secure and stable, and if an acceptable scientific plan is developed in this area, It can pay off in the long run, as it does not require large initial capital, and most entrepreneurs and investors who intend to immigrate to Georgia with medium capital can enter. If you want to consult with our experienced investment experts in Ava Georgia, you can contact us.

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