The volume of burnt oil produced in the world is over 24 million tons per year. This high volume of burnt oil significantly increases environmental pollution; Therefore, finding a way to recycle burnt and disposable oil and turn it into a valuable product is very important. On the other hand, the Georgian government due to its high sensitivity in the field of environment supports such plans and projects that somehow reduce environmental pollution.

Since the oil can not be removed under any circumstances and can only be easily contaminated by other solvents. This feature has the potential to absorb contaminants and should be prevented from entering the environment, in which case the best option is to recycle the burned oil and return it to its original state for reuse.

Methods of recycling burnt oil

To recycle burnt oil, there are various methods such as distillation, hydrogenation, acidic, alkaline, etc. in the world, which are three methods of treatment with acid called acidic method, purification with pigmented soil. Oil refining in Georgia means non-acid recycling and refining. Because acid refining, although it has a much lower initial cost than non-acid refining, but the quality of the oil obtained is very low and the production time is very long, while in the refining of oil burned in a non-acid method, the quality of the oil obtained is very high.

Products from burnt oil recycling

Burned oil refining oils have various uses, including:

Industrial burner oil, in which the oil used in hot water is filtered and demineralized for use in industrial burners

Liquid oil to help disperse products from their molds (for eg: metal products, concrete)

Hydraulic oil

Bitumen based products

Burnt oil recycling machines

Burned oil recycling machines include the following equipment:

Storage tanks (raw materials, intermediates, additives and products)

Distillation system

Electrical and instrumentation

Pipes and valves

Absorption system

Refining of burned oil in Georgia

Due to the need for very high expertise in this field, no one in Georgia has launched this project so far. The Georgian government also supports such projects due to its high sensitivity to environmental protection. If you would like to make a partnership with Ava Georgia in the field of investment plan, refined oil refining, you can consult with our investment consultants.

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