Georgia has a very good climate and a highly obtained soil. So you can easily invest in agriculture and livestock in this country. To grow honeybees in Georgia, a variety of flowers and plants and… On the other hand, beekeeping is one of the most reliable investment opportunities in Georgia. That’s why we wanted to write an article about how honeybees are bred.

Beekeeping in Georgia

According to the historical evidence honeybees in Georgia have a long history. There is a type of bee called a gray bee in Georgia that has certain characteristics. This bee has a very long bite and is very resistant. Compared to other bees, this bee is able to collect the highest amount of honey. Therefore, the quality and volume of honey in Georgia is very suitable. In addition, Georgian plants also have a unique variety that increases the vitamins in honey.

Beekeeping Methods in Georgia

There are three common ways to grow honeybees in Georgia:

Wild beekeeping: In this way honey and wax are collected through wild nature.

Beekeeping by semi-wild method: In this method, beehives are made of wood or clay, and the community of bees is transferred from the heart of nature to these beehives.

Beekeeping by household method: In this method, special artificial beehives are used and bees are bred, reproductive in these beehives and eventually produce honey.

Honey exports in Georgia

Honey is one of the few animal products in Georgia alongside sea fish, which, unlike meat and dairy products, easily obtains an EU health license.

The main concerns are the use of antibiotics and the rejection of anti-insect toxins in honey, which can be easily resolved by manufacturers of these products.

In 2014, Georgia produced 4,100 tons of honey. But only five of those were issued, which earned the country a profit of $54,000. 87% of this amount was purchased by Saudi Arabia, 10% by China and 1% by the Republic of Korea.

Even though Georgian beekeepers are trying to preserve traditional breeding methods. But beekeeping in an industrial way is more revenue-generating and will have more diverse crops. There is also a demand for round flowers, royal jelly, propolis, wax and bee venom on the market. These products are widely used in pharmaceutical products and are very beneficial for health.

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