Due to the high consumption of fish in Georgia, fish farming in Georgia is one of the best trades. There are usually two types of fish raised in Georgia: salmon and trout. Fish farming in Georgia is very profitable if it is done rationally and you have enough experience in this field, while not requiring a lot of capital.

The advantages of fish farming

Less energy expenditure: Fish and other aquatic animals are cold-blooded animals and do not expend any energy to regulate and maintain a constant body temperature.

Specific gravity: The specific gravity of fish and other floating aquatic organisms is close to the specific gravity of water, so they do not need much energy to float and use the energy gained through food to grow.

Non-conflict with other uses: Fish farming is often done on lands of 3, 4, 5 and often unusable in agriculture, or from inland waters such as natural and artificial lakes, rivers, ponds and dams for fish farming.

For various reasons, fish farming is superior to other domestic livestock for food consumption, which can be mentioned as follows:

The feed conversion ratio of fish is 1.5 times that of poultry and twice that of sheep and cattle, due to the fish’s need for less energy to warm the body and overcome gravity.

Fish can also be raised in high densities.

Fish farming is a very effective way to consume agricultural and livestock waste.

Fish meat has a very high nutritional value.

Not only is fish meat digested faster than other meats, but it also contains significant amounts of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine.

In addition, it contains essential fatty acids, especially a specific fatty acid that lowers blood cholesterol. Vitamins and minerals in meat also increase its nutritional value.

fish farming in Georgia

Due to the per capita consumption of fish in Georgia, fish farming is one of the most cost-effective projects in Georgia, and Georgia as a whole has a good infrastructure in terms of land, climate, water resources and government laws.

The wholesale price of farmed fish is about 2 Gel, and its supply in stores is about 15 Gel.

Due to the fact that according to the current laws of Georgia, agricultural land is not sold to foreigners, try to do the amount of land you need in Georgia with the participation of a Georgian citizen or rent the land for a long time.

It should be noted, however, that Georgia is a small country with a population of five million and has a small market, so mass production in this sector is not recommended at all, as well as the export of frozen salmon or trout. He does not want much.

Therefore, try to be prudent in this regard and consult with our expert advisors at Ava Georgia before making any decision.

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