Due to the very favorable climate of Georgia, animal husbandry and pig breeding is one of the best investment opportunities in this country. On the other hand, in Georgia, there are very suitable lands for the development of animal husbandry, and due to the weather conditions and cheap fodder, animal husbandry, especially pig breeding, is one of the best choices for investors and is one of the quick-return investments.

Pig breeding in Georgia

Pig is a mammal of the boar family and the order of the venomous pair. Pigs are very intelligent and social.

The gestation period of each pig is 115 days and after this period it can give birth to 15 piglets and each pig breeder gives birth to between 4 to 8 piglets per year. That is why we say that pig breeding Is considered as a quick return. An adult pig weighs between 100 and 150 kg.

On the other hand, per capita meat consumption in Georgia is very high, and also in the neighborhood of Georgia are countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia, where per capita meat consumption is also high.

Pork is not sold only in Islamic countries, as well as in Israel, because the religions of Islam and Judaism have forbidden pork, but it is consumed in other Christian countries, which make up the majority of the world’s population.

As a result, in addition to the domestic market, you can earn significant profits by exporting pork to neighboring countries.

Pig farm in Georgia

Most farmed pigs feed on corn and cereals. Therefore, the requirements for having a pig farm are as follows:

  • Creating a suitable environment for pigs breeding in Georgia. Pigs need muddy water to keep themselves cool because they do not sweat because muddy water evaporates later than plain water. Therefore, the pig farm must be muddy and soldier. However, roofed areas are also needed for pigs to rest and mate.
  • A Suitable land for growing corn and cereals because buying forage for pig farming is not recommended in Georgia.
  • Buy suitable breeders for pig breeding because swine flu increases the risk of mortality among breeders.

In order to invest in Georgia, in addition to having a good business plan, you will also need good consultants. For this purpose, you can contact our experts in Ava Georgia.

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