These days Ostrich breeding is common in most countries in the world. Georgia is a small country with a population of 4 million. Also Georgia is a very good place to invest in ostrich breeding.

Because it has good relations with European countries, which in fact has attracted many investors from different countries of the world.

Ostrich breeding conditions in Georgia

The breeding conditions of this livestock in a breeding farm is different but in general, they are similar.

Productive maintenance and egg production: Productive management is divided into two main periods:

Ostrich breeding conditions during the breeding season

rest period

Breeding conditions of productive ostriches: In order to raise productive livestock, the ostrich egg production farm must have the following facilities:


A place to drink water

A place to eat food

Egg nest

Nutrition in breeding productive ostriches: Two methods are used to improve livestock breeding conditions:

Unlimited method: This method is the most suitable method that is provided to generators indefinitely at the level of feed range.This method is cheap, comfortable, does not cause obesity. The bird is always calm and full and in a normal state.

Limited method: The feed is readily provided to the animal. This method is suitable where fodder is not available. Excessive consumption of food in a limited way should be avoided because it causes obesity and has a detrimental effect on the sexual fertility of ostriches, both male and female. Excessive protein intake also causes heat anxiety or the production of eggs with dry shells.

Benefits of ostrich breeding in Georgia:

The Georgian government attaches great importance to investors for the development of the country. This government supports investors in all respects.

In some European countries, you have to pay a lot in everyday life. but the cost of living in Georgia is very reasonable.

The climatic, geographical and environmental conditions of Georgia are very suitable for ostrich breeding.

Georgia has good rainfall, lush and fertile lands, good temperatures. For this reasons, livestock breeding in Georgia is easy.

By raising ostriches in Georgia, you can package your products and export them to European countries. In addition, ostriches are relatively high consumption in Georgia. So after production, you will have a consumer market with a population of about 4 million people!

In order to invest in Georgia, in addition to having a good business plan, you will also need good consultants, for this purpose, you can contact our experts in Ava Georgia.

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