According to the resources provided by the Georgia Economic Development Group, doing business in Georgia is a simple process. And all the necessary resources are provided to start any kind of business in this country.

Some general tips for starting a business in Georgia

The most important factor in the success of a career in Georgia is perseverance.

A few days or months are not enough for a business to be succeed in Georgia, so you need to be patient.

Starting a business anywhere in the world is doomed to failure if it does not suit your interests. Never start a career without specialization and interest just because you think it is profitable.

Try to choose a strong economic consultant before starting a business in Georgia. Strong economic advisors are individuals, companies or companies that have a strong business archive in Georgia.

Start to do a lot of field research about running a business and get all the data. Depending on the amount of capital and expertise you have, try to choose the best one.

Never even think of starting a business in Georgia without a business proposal.

In recent years, most investors who have started businesses in Georgia in the agricultural and tourism industries have been very successful. In this article, we intend to go into more detail about investing in these sectors.

tourism industry of Georgia

Considering that in 2016, more than 7 million tourists visited Georgia. Investing in this industry has the least risk.

Such as: construction of hotel, construction of restaurant, coffee shop, tourist transfer, etc

agriculture and animal husbandry in Georgia

We have already mentioned that Georgia is very suitable for investment in agriculture and animal husbandry for the following reasons:

1- Cheap labor cost

2 – uniformity of rainfall throughout the year

3- Abundance of water resources and tact land

4 – Cheap agricultural tools, equipment due to imports without customs tariffs from the European Union and the United States

Abundance of free fodder for livestock according to the amount of rainfall in Georgia

6- The support of the Georgian government to the investor in the field of land transfer

Working conditions in Georgia

•The minimum wage that people receive in Georgia is 400 GEL.

• In Georgia, some people can receive two to three thousand GEL due to their high specialization.

To spend their lives in Georgia, people have to spend 400 to 500 GEL per month to enjoy a normal life.

• Georgia, as a European country, has specific working hours that start at 10 am and continue until 6 pm.

• Sunday is designated as a public holiday in Georgia every week, and working hours for Saturday is from 10 am to 4 pm. For more information on investing in Georgia, you can contact our consultants at Ava Georgia Holding.

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