There are many ways to obtain a residence in Georgia or Turkey, and one of Them is buying a property in of these countries.
The majority of people who intend to migrate legally from different countries currently choose between Turkey and Georgia, depending on the circumstances in which they purchase property in each of these countries.

In this article we are trying to compare Turkey and Georgia, which one is better for purchasing a property or investing, studying, living and so many other things in these two countries.

From which country you should purchase the property? 

Here are some important points to compare purchasing a property in Georgia and Turkey:
If you intend to obtain the residence permit in Georgia for yourself and your family members, you must purchase a property worth $ 100000 but in Turkey, you must purchase the property for $250000.

Purchasing a property in Georgia or Turkey, which one is better?
Buying property in Georgia or Turkey, which one? 

In Georgia, you will own 100% of the property and the document will be officially and legally registered in your own name, But in Turkey, it is not like this.
Georgia is currently accepted by the European Union and will soon become a member of the European Union. Anyone residing in the country will enjoy many advantages.
Turkey, despite all the efforts it has made over the years, has unfortunately been barred from joining the European Union. In Turkey, of course, popular and political disagreements were not without effect.

But the Georgian people were very enthusiastic about this act.

On the other hand, the administrative process of obtaining a Georgian residence by buying a property is much easier than in Turkey.

In both countries, you must spend 5 to 6 years on your temporary residence permit in order to obtain permanent residence.

Daily costs are close in both countries, but overall Georgia’s annual costs are cheaper than Turkey’s.

These are the main and major comparisons between these two countries (property purchase price, EU membership, administrative ease of obtaining a residence and cost of living).

As a result, considering the material described above, buying and living in Georgia is better than in Turkey.

To get more information about obtaining Georgian residency and purchasing a property in Georgia you contact our consultant in Ava Georgia Holding.

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