In recent years there has been a lot of migration from other countries to Turkey or Georgia.
One of the reasons for choosing these two countries is the similarity of their culture.
Anyone who intends to emigrate to any other country must first research about that country.
In this article, we will discuss some of the important immigration cases as well as the comparison of both Georgia and Turkey so that you can make a better decision.

More about Georgia and Turkey

Georgia is a European country and will be accepted by the European Union in near future.
Turkey is a Eurasian country and only some part of it, is on the continent of Europe.
The currency in Turkey is Lire and language is Turkish and currency in Georgia is Lari (GEL) and the official language is Georgian.
Georgia’s climate is good, so some people are more interested in living in Georgia.

Georgia and Turkey

Immigration to Turkey or Georgia

The majority of Turkey’s population is Muslim and most of them are Sunnis and there are people of other religions as well.
The religion of the Georgian people is Orthodox Christianity and has a lot of belief and fanaticism about their religion.
Georgia, like Turkey, has Muslims, most of whom are native Azerbaijanis living in Tbilisi and Marneuli.

Getting acquainted with the culture of these two countries

Another thing to consider is the culture of the countries.
Turkey has many cultures due to its immigrations.
Georgia is one of the richest cultures in the world.
Georgian are very family-friendly and partying, so most nights in the city are full of Georgian parties at night.
They’re spending time together having dinner, drinking wine, talking and dancing for a long time.
This program called Georgian Dinner or Georgian Night is embedded in Georgian culture, which is what makes tourism companies one of the most exciting options of their clients.


Cost of living in these two countries

The cost of living in the country’s main and most important reason to make a decision.
Also, the cost of food and transportation is very low in Georgia.
Household appliances are also cheap.
In sum, the cost of a three-person family of immigrants is 350 to 500 lari per month for food and 200 lari for transportation.
If you want to apply for residency by purchasing a real estate in Georgia, the minimum value of the property should be 100000 USD.
According to statistics, the cost of living in Turkey is different, and the average is estimated at between 2700 lira and 3000 lira.
The cost of home appliances is higher than in Georgia, the cost of purchasing a real estate to get a Turkish residence is 250000 USD. 


As a result, it can be clearly stated that the cost in Georgia is much cheaper than in Turkey and we offer you the opportunity to emigrate and live a life full of freedom, peace and prosperity in Georgia.

In case you have any question regarding Georgia country you can check out our website and also contact our consultant in Ava Georgia Holding.

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