Georgia and the UK have signed a strategic agreement, the first to be implemented after Brexit (British departure from the European Union).

This is the first agreement in the region between Georgia and the United Kingdom since the EU’s departure from the EU intended to establish free trade between the two countries.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry reports:

“The agreement was signed by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkalianin and British Foreign Minister Dominique Robb in London.

“The strategic partnership between Georgia and the UK is taking it to a new level, which encompasses various areas of cooperation between the two countries.”

The collaborations described in the document include the following topics and areas:

– Respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity
– Support for peaceful resolution of disputes
– Foreign and Security Policies
– Economic cooperation
– Transport and energy.
– Environmental protection and climate change
– Innovation, tourism, and agriculture
– Social Policies and Health Care
– Culture and Education

The Georgian Foreign Ministry also reports:

It guarantees a free trade agreement between Georgia and the European Union.

Zalkaliani reiterated that this agreement will replace the EU-Georgia agreement,
After Britain officially leaves the European Union on 2 October.

Zalkaliani said:

“This is a very important day in British-Georgian relations.
Signing the agreement with Georgia several days before Brexit indicates at the importance of Georgia for the UK”

Zalkaliani stated that Georgia will retain UK support both in bilateral and multilateral formats and in all international formats.

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